Pacific Links is a consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada focused on strategy and international business development, bridging the gap between Asia, North America and Europe.

Strategic Consulting

Solutions to business problems differ around the world and this is particularly so when comparing the East and the West. At Pacific Links we have extensive experience advising clients from government to small business on how to identify opportunities and how to learn from international best practices. Specific areas of strategy consulting include technology and infrastructure development.

Business Development

The key to success in international business is identifying the best local partners. Our business analysts have lived and worked around the world and we have a well-established global network. We'll identify potential partners, do due diligence and facilitate getting partnership agreements done. Let Pacific Links help to maximize your international sales by introducing you to your perfect match.

Relationship Management

Business culture in Asia is unique in many ways. At Pacific Links we are familiar and sensitive to these differences. Don't let cultural misunderstandings spoil your opportunity for a successful long term business relationship. We may not be able to read minds but we can give you valuable insight into what your partners are thinking in order to help mitigate problems before they arise.

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