Title: ExpressRail to Scarborough


Date: January 22, 2016


Report Summary:

The Scarborough RT has reached the end of its usable life and a replacement strategy must be chosen soon. Several options have been presented. A subway extension from Kennedy to Scarborough Centre has been approved by Toronto City Council and details of a preferred alignment are currently under investigation. The following report introduces an option called Scarborough ExpressRail that would provide not simply an extension of the existing subway but a whole new line between Union station and Scarborough Centre by leveraging investments currently being made by Metrolinx in GO and SmartTrack infrastructure. The report presents a case that this option would address some important concerns that the TTC is facing in ways that other options would not. It would cost much less. The current estimate for a Line 2 extension from Kennedy to Scarborough Centre with no intermediate stops is $2.5 billion. The entire Scarborough ExpressRail line from Union to Scarborough Centre could be implemented for less than half of this amount leaving potentially over $1 billion in savings available for other transit projects.

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